Race Technology Software 7010

Analysis Software が Build 7010 になってました。
7009 を見逃した~(^^;

Update 07/04/2009 Build 7009, many detailed bug fixes and upgrades including

  • improved serial port support in the lite monitor
  • bug fixes to the internet map downloads
  • improvements to the command line data export
  • improved video quality for VIDEO4 playback
  • support for Direct3d when available

Update 08/04/2009 Build 7010, detailed bug fixes and upgrades including

  • GPS time now available when processing GPS data as raw


Analysis は 7003 からの変更点は、未確認ですが以下の通り。

Update 25/2/2009 7.3.48

  • Now compatible with autolaunch, accepts a drive letter at the command line
  • variable used to colour track map, now shown on the track map
  • time slip, time slip rate, time into lap, time into sector can now be filtered, clipped and used in user defined equations
  • minor bug fix to user statistics, in particular when getting “value of last in”
  • new command line export options
  • bug fix for alignment of time lap sector in lap and sector times window
  • new playback mode – “constant speed”
    → これは欲しかったかも。
  • improved video quality using new de-interlace method

Update 25/3/2009 7.3.51

  • Support for Driect3D available when using video
    → intel chipsetだし…、video使ってないし…。
  • bug fix to internet mapping
    → 7003の修正でもたまにうまく行かなかったのはこのせいかな?直るといいなぁ。
  • improvement to time slip to correct for distance differences in sectors
  • video faster with improved refresh times

Update 07/4/2009 7.3.57

  • GPS time of week added in when processing with Raw data
  • fixed an import bug that was causing the VIDEO import tool to reject most video types
  • minor bug fix to more cleanly handle errors in user formulas
    → MAX 関数は直ったかな?

gear 変数表示がなくなっちゃってるのは直らないんだろうか…。

Dash3 は 7003 からの変更点は、

Update 1.2.23

  • change shift light configuration with RPM
  • added image configuration

Update 1.2.24

  • changed image confiuration and added new screen object

Update 1.2.25

  • fixed issue in gear ratio calculations
    → Top gear のhigh側の計算がおかしかったのが直ってるようです。が、1.30.15にしてからだと思うんだけど、Low gear の low 側が 0 じゃないと、うまく動かないんだよなー。

Update 1.2.26

  • fixed issue in byte code generate
    →コードページ問題が直ってるかと思いましたが、自分が作った viewer でみる限り直ってないようです。残念 orz


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