Race Technology Software 7013


Analysis の変更点

Update 29/4/2009 7.3.62

  • dependancy on legacy maths parser completely removed
    → 今まで直し壊しが続いていた、max関数、gear の表示、ln(5/x-1) の問題、全て直ってます。ヽ(^o^)丿
  • improved spreadsheet functionality in marker based measurements
  • improved command line support
  • automated option for loading car files based on logger serial number
    → 複数人(台)で使いまわす人には余計なお世話な機能ですね。
  • fully automated race series power estimates added to performance statistics

Update 11/5/2009 7.3.69

  • improvements to accelometer/GPS tuning to make it more robust

LCD Configuration (DASH3)の変更点

Update 1.2.29

  • changed byte code decode function to work with other languagues
    → 残念。直ってない気が…。(>_<)



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