Race Technology Software 7026

1週間くらい前の話ですが、本家で Race Technology Software が 7026 にアップデートされています。

Analysis の 7024 からの変更点


  • improvements to video playback smoothness and data sync

7.3.106 17/9/2009

  • analysis with video and data improved on slower computers
  • speed of quick graph regeneration is improved
  • bug fix that was causing the analysis program to crash with constant speed playback
  • bug fix to open run manager with the selected run
  • pre-opens video files and checks them for speed and index file before use
  • language support improved (although currently hidden)

7.3.117 21/9/2009

  • opening speed to XY graphs and trackmaps improved
  • video windows how automatically stack horizonally and vertically as required
  • bug fixed that was causing the lap timing window and marker based measurements to scroll randomly when selecting or unselecting a cell

7.3.119 23/9/2009

  • French and German support enabled
  • problem of occational black screens (missing video) solved
  • now possible to skip forward and backward in data with shift/ctrl and cursor keys


LCD Configuration (DASH3 configuration)は、1.2.35 のままで 7024 からは変わってないようです。


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