Race Technology Software 7039

本家でまたアップデートがありました。Race Technology Software 7039 が公開されています。



  • 7.5.1 14/10/2009 – beta test only
    • single version for VIDEO4 and 3rd party recorder
    • 50 car constants now available
    • bug fix to reset run name in track view and XY graph
    • improvement to lap file generation that automatically centres track markers for use on the DL1
  • 7.5.2 15/10/2009
    • major bug fix that stopped VIDEO4 data working
    • bug fix to data downloads from MKii brakebox
  • 7.5.3 16/10/2009
    • bug fix that caused a lockup when “reset to factory settings” was used
  • 7.5.8 19/10/2009
    • bug fix to selections not getting cleared in lap and sector timing
    • video draw method now uses registry flag set at installation time
    • video playback screen now displays when no data or no licence is available for a run
  • 7.5.11 2/11/2009
    • playback in analysis improved with far fewer pauses
    • play control changed to remove other data selections when multi selection disabled
  • 7.5.15 3/11/2009
    • bug fix that caused the lap times to be de-selected when you click on a graph
    • bug fix to the audio/video sync on exported video
    • update rate of video views increased (2x)
    • fix to the splash screen on exported video (was previously missing)
  • 7.5.16 9/11/2009
    • bug fix to allow sync of 3rd part video with a single syncronisation point

LCD Configuration (DASH3 configuration)は、1.2.35 のままで 7024 からは変わってないようです。



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