Race Technology Software 7052

本家で 7052 が出ました。

Build 7052 15/3/2010

  • Analysis (7.5.56)
    • Bug fix to save newly variable file as the new default for use next session
    • Bug fix to check for existence of directories un Vista – previous this bug caused a number of issues under some Vista PCs
    • Extra option in track maps to force the update of maps from the internet
    • Update of server details for the internet maps download
    • updated to support video decoder v64
    • Video support upgraded to support event based recordings using PTS synchronisation
    • Video export mode upgraded to use multiple CPU cores when possible
    • Improvements to video robustness
    • Major Changes to simulation system
    • Bug fix to real time playback when using event files
    • bug fixed that caused analysis to restart after shutdown, however vista still occasionally reports an error. This is being investigated
      “RT analysis” renamed “Analysis”
  • DVDBurn ( – with new VEDR (event recording) file support and multicore processor support
  • New RT mpeg decoder ocx (v 64 – this now has more buffering for slower machines, improved audio/video sync, more audio buffering for improved playback under vista
  • MediaToVD4Convertor( this now optionally maintains aspect ratio and runs faster on multicore machines. Improved robusness when running with Chasecam files.
  • Video Playback(1.2.31) uses new decoder and autodetects CPU overload and turns off de-interlacing automatically
  • Run to TXT ( minor bug fixes and exported file has corrected date information based on GPS data
  • CAN Configuration ( improved with multiple bug fixes to the Can message visualisation
  • All Variable files updated to include new simulated variables (gear and RPM) and also corrections to the temperature sensors and internationalisation errors
  • RtMessageDecoder.dll ( updated to include support for event based vide files
  • VIDEO4 Configuration (2.2.57) user interfaced updated

と結構変更点が多いようです。あいかわらず、VIDEO 中心な気もしますけど。


これだけの変更なので新たなバグも作ってそう。近いうちに bug fix update がある気はします…(爆)


少し前ですが、「DL1 MK2 customer reflash V36 100303」という名で、DL1 Mk2 用 firmwareも更新されています。名前からして特定顧客向けっぽいので、不具合が出てこなければ一般 firmware としてアップデートがあるのではないかと思ってます。

Mk1 や DL2 などはチェックしてないのでご自分でよろしくです。(^^;


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